Pavarin, RM. Early adolescents, migrant generation, substances use and health problems. Preliminary results of a multicenter Italian study. Rivista italiana di medicina dell'adolescenza, 12(2), 2014.

Pubblicato il 09/12/2014

Abstract- The study describes consumptions at risk, healthproblems and recourse to medical services in a sample of adolescents dividedinto natives, non-natives and second generation. 2095 students were interviewed in four Italian regions(age between 13 and 16 years):  in the last year 15% subjects were inebriated at least once, 6%used illicit substances (6% marijuana, 3% hascisch, 0.4% cocaine, 0.3% MDMA,0.3% hallucinogenic mushrooms 0.2% heroin, 0.1% ketamine), 17% tobacco (7% >=5 cigarettes/sixteen percent reported anxiety disorders, 11% depression, 9% sleep disorders,6% road accidents. Psychoactive substances consumption and healthproblems are more common among second generation immigrant adolescents, who arealso reported for a greater use of emergency services.