Pavarin RM, Early adolescents and psychoactive substances: natives, non-natives and second generation: results of a multicenter study in four Italian regions. Salute e società, 3, 2014

Pubblicato il 09/12/2014

Abstract: the study describes the phenomenology of psychoactive substances use ina sample of 2095 adolescents (age between 13 and 17 years) surveyed in fourItalian regions, divided into three different types: natives (born in Italy toItalian parents) non-natives (born abroad), second generation (born in Italywith at least one parent born abroad).

The results, on one hand document the increasing consumption ofpsychoactive substances among minors and a cultural adaptation in thisparticular age group, as evidenced by the high proportion of those who werepresent in consumption situations or who have been offered; on the other handshow a particular subpopulation of young people born in Italy with at least oneparent not native, which it should be noted for particular lifestylesassociated with the use of illegal substances.

It is a new and little-known aspect of Italian multicultural societyconstantly moving, to investigate with more targeted searches, which draws theattention, as well as consumption models based on individual choices, also tostructural factors connected to specific social positions.