Pavarin RM, Consonni D, Early Adolescents and Substance Use, Journal of addiction, 2013

Pubblicato il 10/09/2012

1300 students (54.3%girls) 13–16 years old were interviewed in the urban area of Bologna during2010. Random effect multiple logistic regression models were used. Results showa reciprocal relationship between alcohol use, tobacco, and cannabis.

Most users wereoffered cannabis, began using at 14 years of age, and do not believe using isvery dangerous. They live with only one parent, have more than 50 euros ofspending money per month, and abuse alcohol, abuse that increases relative tothe intensity of cigarette smoking.

Legal/illegaldichotomy seems to overturn, where alcohol becomes a “drug” and the use oftobacco, similar to other drugs, is motivated as a solution to reduce anxiety,combat boredom, relax, and to ease loneliness.