Pavarin RM, Caputo F, Zoli G, Domenicali M, Bernardi M, Gambini D. Mortality risk in a cohort of Italian alcoholic individuals treated for alcohol dependence. Drug Alcohol Rev. 2015 Dec 7

Pubblicato il 14/12/2015



The aim of this study was to investigate the mortality risk and to explore the presence of subjects more at risk of dying in a cohort of alcoholic individuals treated for alcohol dependence over a lengthy follow-up period.


A total of 2363 subjects attending 10 centres for addiction treatment for alcohol dependence were recruited.


During the 17 year follow-up period, 14.7% of the entire cohort died. Total standardised mortality rates (SMR) were higher in women (SMR = 5.94) as compared with men (SMR = 4.65). Higher SMRs were found for several diseases, for traumatic episodes (SMR = 6.65) and in younger patients (18-44 age group) (SMR = 8.16). Alcoholic women showed a higher survival rate as compared with men. In addition, a higher risk of death for men and unemployed subjects, with a progressive increase of risk in line with the increase of the age of admission to treatment, and with a progressive decrease of risk after 1 year from the beginning of the treatment, was also found.


This study confirms that mortality risk in alcoholic individuals in treatment is higher in comparison with the general population. Moreover, alcoholics men, unemployed, >40 years at time of admission and during the first year of treatment are more at risk to die. Thus, much more attention to patients with these characteristics should be planned by the professional staff working in centres for addiction treatment.