Accesses to the Emergency Room by minors for alcohol abuse. Preliminary results of a study performed in the Metropolitan Area of Bologna. Rivista Italiana di Medicina dell'Adolescenza 12/2015; 13(3):80-84.

Pubblicato il 26/02/2016


This study reports the data relating to alcohol-correlated admissionsfor subjects aged between 12 and 17 years in the period 2009/2014 in theEmergency Rooms of the Metropolitan Area of Bologna, Emilia-Romagna region(northern Italy).

Four hundred andtwelve episodes were identified involving 391 subjects: 37% females, 22%non-natives, 17% non-residents.  66%arrived at night, 52% at the weekend, 26% by ambulance. In 12% of the casesthere was also the use of illegal substances, and of mind-control drugs in 4%.

It is estimatedthat 6.6 accesses are due to alcohol every thousand accesses to the emergencyroom, with an incidence of 1.6 per thousand residents, both data being on therise.

The trend among theyounger people who consider alcohol to be a psychoactive substance warrantsclose attention, above all in relation to potential prevention policies.Non-native minors, who seem to be more susceptible to problematicalcohol-related risks, are also reported.