Business Units and Programmes

Pubblicato il 14/06/2022
Adult neuromuscular and neuroimmunology

Programme - Responsible Vincenzo Angelo Donadio

Anaesthesia and Resuscitation

Complex operational unit - Director Carlo Alberto Castioni

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Institute Simple Operating Unit - Head Paola Visconti

ALS Ataxia Amyloidosis and Myasthenia

Institute Simple Operating Unit - Head Paola Visconti

Child Rehabilitation Medicine

Complex Operational Unit - Director Antonella Cersosimo

Eating disorders

Programme - Responsible Antonia Parmeggiani

Epidemiology and Statistics

Institute Simple Organisational Unit - Head Francesco Nonino

Epilepsy programme

Responsible Paolo Tinuper

Innovation and Development

Institute Simple Operational Unit - Head ff: Raffaele Lodi

Interagency pediatric neurosurgery

Programme - Responsible Mino Zucchelli


Programme - Responsible Valerio Carelli

Neurological Clinic - NeuroMet Metropolitan Network

Complex operational unit - Director Pietro Cortelli

Neurology and Metropolitan Stroke Network

Complex Operational Unit - Director Andrea Zini

Neurology OB

Complex Operational Unit - Director Roberto Michelucci

Neuropathology of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Programme - Responsible Piero Parchi

Neuroradiology OM

Institute Simple Unit - Head Luigi Simonetti

Neuroradiology with high complexity techniques

Programme - Responsible Raffaele Agati