Pubblicato il 14/06/2022
The Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna carries out intensive training activities in close collaboration with Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

Training is an integral and structural part of the Institute of Neurological Sciences in Bologna.

The ISNB carries out intensive teaching activities in close collaboration with the University of Bologna. The Institute is the seat of the Schools of Specialisation in Neurology and Neurosurgery and of the Degree Course in Neurophysiology Technician. In addition, the Institute's organisational and care units host technical-practical internships for students on degree courses at various University of Bologna Schools.

The ongoing training of professionals is considered by the ISNB to be a qualifying and indispensable factor for providing appropriate and effective care and for the constant development of scientific research.

The Institute organises weekly multidisciplinary meetings between internal specialists from the various operating units and, when deemed necessary, specialists and experts from other national and international clinical and scientific institutions, in order to discuss the most complex clinical cases and share the latest clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic and scientific advances in the field of neuroscience.

IRCCS Seminar Programme - 2021

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