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Pubblicato il 14/06/2022

The Institute is a regional reference centre for diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system in children and adults and, for specific pathologies such as neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Huntington's Korea and dementia in particular), epilepsy, sleep disorders, headaches, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular diseases, specialist neurosurgery (paediatric, endoscopic basicranium and vascular) and diagnostic neuroradiology (high field MRI) and interventional (endoarterectomy, vascular malformations, spinal treatments), is a clinical and scientific reference of national and international importance.

The Institute has 142 beds (139 O.D. and 3 D.C.H.) distributed over 11 clinical units and 10 other organisational structures of a managerial nature (OUs, OUsIs, Programmes).

The areas of care can be broadly described as emergency and chronic and rare neurological diseases.

Emergency-urgency activities are carried out mainly at the ISNB pole of the Ospedale Maggiore, where the OM Neurology and Metropolitan Stroke Network, Emergency and Trauma Neurosurgery and OM Neuroradiology are located, dedicated mainly to the diagnostic and therapeutic activity of stroke.
Chronic and rare neurological pathologies are referred to the Bellaria Hospital, where there are neurological, neurosurgical, neurorehabilitation and intensive care, paediatric and adult inpatient areas. In the same hospital there is an operating department with 8 rooms, a multi-specialist outpatient department and the laboratories and instrumental diagnostic services of neuroradiology, clinical neurophysiology and neurobiology that provide a level II diagnostic approach for all neurological diseases and level III for many rare neurological diseases.

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