The IRCCS Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation Network RIN

Pubblicato il 14/06/2022

The IRCCS Network of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation (RIN), the largest Italian research network in the field, was founded in 2017 by the Ministry of Health to stimulate collaboration between the Institutes of Hospitalization and Treatment with Scientific Character (IRCCS), encourage the dissemination of information on clinical-scientific activity and coordinate actions of international relevance aimed at increasing the prominence and competitiveness of the sector.

The Network also promotes and facilitates scientific and technological research and training activities by encouraging the exchange of data and scientific results, access to complex technologies and the development of joint projects to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of specific diseases (neurological, neuro-psychiatric and related pathologies) and to transfer research results into the industrial chain (technology transfer).

National Virtual Institutes

Within the IRCCS Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation Network, Virtual National Institutes have been set up, networks of professionals with the aim of harmonising IRCCS activities, rationalising investments and resources, and interacting with international networks.

The ISNB coordinates the IVN Parkinson's and Movement Disorders and participates in the IVN Dementia.