UOC Neurological Clinic

Pubblicato il 14/06/2022
Director Rocco Liguori

The ISNB Neurological Clinic develops research and assistance projects and programmes, with particular attention to neurological and neuromuscular pathologies, including rare or highly complex ones, with the aim of integrating a research activity consistent with the new demands of excellence in neurological assistance, strengthening the historical sectors of Bolognese neuroscience and innovation, opening up to new areas (genetic, bio-molecular and immunological diagnostics).

Care activities

The Neurological Clinic of the ISNB carries out its care and diagnostic activities in a synergic and integrated manner with its research activities. These activities make use of differentiated pathways for the various pathologies or groups of pathologies, which allow patients to be directed to the diagnosis and followed with appropriate follow-up, offering also the available therapeutic approaches, including those that are the subject of any clinical trials. These pathways, which are divided into ordinary in-patient or day-hospital admissions and dedicated out-patient clinics, benefit from the intervention of professional figures and various laboratories (neurophysiopathology, neurobiology and neuropsychology) and equipment, both within and outside the unit.
The cases diagnosed at the Neurological Clinic are numerous and reported from all over the country.
The areas of excellence include the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, sleep disorders, neuromuscular and neurogenetic diseases, extrapyramidal diseases, pathological ageing and the study of rare neurological diseases (the UOC is part of the Emilia-Romagna Network for Rare Diseases since its activation in June 2007). Moreover, the Neurological Clinic is a national and international reference centre for mitochondrial diseases, narcolepsy, epilepsy, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies and neuromuscular diseases.

Research activities

Currently, the research activity of the Neurological Clinic is divided into several lines: neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular diseases, sleep pathologies, epilepsy, neuroimmune diseases. The activities mainly involve clinical (medical, diagnostic and organisational), preclinical and experimental research and the development of analytical and diagnostic laboratory methods to characterise the pathogenetic mechanisms of the various neurological diseases and to identify new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches. The extent of the research is demonstrated by numerous publications in international scientific journals with a high impact factor and active participation in international congresses.
In addition, the unit is heavily involved in teaching activities. The latter also include internships for the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Neurophysiopathology Technician, Nursing, and the Schools of Specialisation (Neurology, Child Neuropsychiatry, Physiatry, Psychiatry).
Finally, the Neurological Clinic, whose activity is closely integrated with that of the University Departments (DIBINEM and DIMEC), hosts national and international scientific conferences in the field of neurology and numerous CME training events for neuroscience professionals.


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Rocco Liguori, Neurologist Paolo Tinuper, Neurologist
Valerio Carelli, Neurologist
Piero Parchi, Neurologist
Giuseppe Plazzi, Neurologist
Patrizia Avoni, Neurologist
Francesca Bisulli, Neurologist
Sabina Capellari, Neurologist
Vincenzo Angelo Donadio, Neurologist
Chiara La Morgia, Neurologist
Laura Licchetta, Neurologist
Fabio Pizza, Neurologist
Cesa Lorella Maria Scaglione, Neurologist
Maria Lucia Valentino, Neurologist


Alessandra Laffi, secretary - UNIBO 
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